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Four Preschool Programs in Global Sevilla Designed for Young Learners

As an international school, Global Sevilla provides the international standard of the curriculum. That is why IEYC (international early years curriculum) implements preschool programs. In this case, there are four academic levels that use IEYC methods to teach young learners at preschool Jakarta Barat. Without waiting any longer, here is the information you should know.


Four Preschool Program at Global Sevilla  

Four Preschool Programs in Global Sevilla Designed for Young Learners

  1. Toddler Program

The toddler program is the first class that provides for children under the ages of 2 years. They will be assigned to a class full of joy and fun. In the middle of their enjoyment, young learners will be taught to learn basic skills. It includes recognizing color, shapes, and building self-awareness. The method is focusing on entertaining and fun activities.

  1. Pre-Nursery Class

In the next stage, there is pre-nursery class to advance the young learners’ basic skills. Thus, class activities will be more extensive and more challenging. Different from the previous preschool Jakarta Barat level, pre-nursery class is designed to encourage students to learn using fun sensory methods. It is a practical approach that will help students develop their motoric and creative skills.

To make it more purposeful without bringing up the rear, it’s fun and enjoyable manners, some of the activities will balance students’ enterprise and teacher direction. The children will be encouraged to do artistic craft projects, doing simple arts, recite and understand songs, accomplish enjoyable motor activities, and many fun projects.

  1. Nursery Class

The students in nursery class should move on from simple learning to sensory fun. That is why they are expected to develop more skills and personal abilities. There will be significant challenges and activities that boost them to be more active in the classroom. With all of that going on, the young learner will develop communication skills and language comprehension.

  1. Kindergarten

At the later stage, the preschool Jakarta Barat will provide a fun and entertaining learning process. With the principle of IEYC and the combination of other beneficial programs, students will enjoy the kindergarten class. They can learn through song, playing games, and many more to develop their speaking and listening skills before entering formal education.

All in all, four programs open for children at an early age at Global Sevilla Preschool. With the international standard curriculum, students will be provided with a wide range of activities and learning. Along with it, the school employs IEYC to support the teaching and learning process. Each of the programs also has a different focus to give the best education for young learners.

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