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Global Sevilla – International School In Jakarta That Strives To Implement Three Values

Many international or multilingual schools are known as the prestigious institute with highly educated graduates. This idea is not wrong, but the Global Sevilla wants to create a better leap by implementing three life values in their learning and teaching process. What are they? Is that a good thing? Here are the three values that are the focus of this particular international school In Jakarta.


Three Values Of Live That Implemented In The Global Sevilla

Global Sevilla School

Global Sevilla School

1. The Value Of Giving

Just as the name implies, this value will teach the student to be generous and helpful to everyone. The art of giving is not only offering significant number of help; what matters the best is your sincerity. In this case, the student will be able to see that making a different and impactful effect is not difficult to do. The simple act of giving can lead to an even better result. It can generate happiness and smile for themselves or others.


2. The Value Of Compassion

When talking about compassion, people know that being kind and genuine is the primary depiction. To teach compassion, this international school In Jakarta will include various kinds of learning and teaching activities, including doing community service, helping each other, or group work. It sounds simple, but the real art of compassion can only be learned by doing it and experience it.

Students will learn that the action of willingness to help will always lead to positive things. There are no boundaries in helping people, so this act is known as a noble action. With the great mindset implemented in their head and develop compassion for other people, they should perform it in the future without hindered with the race, religions, financial, or social background.


3. The Value Of Self-Control

This international school In Jakarta also teaches about the value of self-control. It is essential for character building. The student will learn the skill to regulate all of their behaviors, thought, and emotions. Most of the time, children and teens are known for their inability to control emotion, especially in dealing with temptation and impulses. Learning resilience and perseverance will help them overcome problems.

Many parents only know about academic scores or ranking. Children who can score number one acknowledge as brilliant young generation. But most of the parents are clueless about the three values of life, which is giving, compassion, and self-control. In this case, the Global Sevilla has considered it. Adding the values in each of their learning and teaching activities will help to build a brilliant character.

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