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4 Activities Of Academic Stages In Preschool Jakarta Program

The IEYC curriculum or International Early Years Curriculum provides a variety of fun and practical learning processes for early childhood. Global Sevilla implemented this idea to help students understand the lesson. All activities have a focus according to their abilities. As students get older, preschool Jakarta activities become more challenging.

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Fun Learning Activities at Seville Preschool Global Program

  1. Development of Basic Skills For Early Age Students

When talking about basic skills, it means being at a very young age. Indeed, Global Sevilla implements special learning activities for children aged 1.5 to 2 years in the preschool program. The focus is on developing toddlers’ ability to recognize colors and shapes. They also focus on doing some simple counting activities to increase their confidence.

  1. Practical Sensory Learning

The idea of ​​fun sensory learning is one of the exciting activities that help in improving students’ motor skills. Another thing that needs attention is the idea of ​​students learning from experience. That is why there are many activities that will come into effective form. The lesson will follow the teacher and read the teacher’s explanation.

However, preschool Jakarta ensures that the whole learning process is fun and entertaining. Students in the pre-nursery program will do simple arts and crafts activities to exercise their creativity. They also apply other lessons, namely by understanding children’s songs and rhymes. Along with that, students will get the best experience to improve fine motor skills.

  1. Learn from Songs and Rhymes in the Classroom Activities

Singing and reading songs are iconic lessons in pre-nursery programs. The reason is that its primary goal is to develop a child’s self-confidence and self-awareness. Early childhood students can hone their speaking and listening skills through songs and rhymes. In addition, students can also demonstrate in front of the class when asked to illustrate.

  1. Playing Games in Class Effectively

Students’ communication skills can be better honed through many interactive games and other classroom activities. This process will be specially designed for more severe difficulties. The benefits for students to be better prepared to enter formal education after joining the preschool Jakarta program from Global Sevilla. So, the activities will be more complex at kindergarten levels 1 and 2.

In conclusion, there is no doubt that effective learning must follow the abilities of students. In this case, IEYC has the best focus for schools in carrying out fun and entertaining activities. Activities like this can be done by honing basic sensory skills, singing, rhymes, and playing essential games.

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